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STL: Thursday, September 15, 2022

Events 📆

BuySTL 👜

Restaurants 🍲

  • Eat Crow offers a sibling concept to The Crow’s Nest, serving elevated bar food in Soulard –
  • Katie’s Pizza and Pasta coming to Ballpark Village spring 2023 – FOX 2
  • Happy Joe’s Pizza & Ice Cream franchisee seeks new St. Louis location – KSDK

STLfood ⚜️

  • Does anyone have a recipe to make Straub’s famous chicken salad? – r/StLouis
  • Anyone know of a commercial kitchen or restaurant space to rent? Only need the kitchen – r/StLouis

Neighborhoods 🏡

STL100 💯

  • St. Louis Haunted House Named One of the Scariest in the US – RFT
  • History making night at Busch Stadium in St. Louis – FOX 2
  • Alone at the top: Wainwright, Molina claim record for most starts as a battery in MLB history – KSDK

STL99 😱

  • Centene Stadium’s soft opening postponed due to power issue – St. Louis Magazine
  • St. Ann man left for dead after being struck by 2 cars in North St. Louis county – KSDK
  • Metro Link-Vehicle Crash Stalls Operations From Emerson Park To Fairview Heights Wednesday – RiverBender
  • MetroLink train collides with vehicle, one person hospitalized –
  • Gun store in Belleville adds concrete barriers after recent break-ins – FOX 2
  • St. Peters Amazon Workers Walk Out Over Pay, Working Conditions – RFT
  • St. Peters Amazon employees call for $10-an-hour raises, better working conditions –
  • Prosecutor Calls St. Louis Reality TV Star an ‘Executioner’ in Closing Argument – RFT
  • No verdict yet in murder-for-hire trial of ‘Sweetie Pie’s’ star Tim Norman –
  • Closing arguments made in Sweetie Pie’s murder-for-hire trial, deliberations will continue into Thursday – KSDK

99MO 😱

  • Board of Education Commission looking into ongoing teacher shortage across Missouri – FOX 2

WW99 😱

  • Is your country younger or older (since last subordination) than… – Maps on the Web
  • China Is Harvesting DNA From Thousands of Tibetans – VICE US
  • 20th Century Fox to Finally Pay for Ruining That Thai Beach in ‘The Beach’ – VICE US

Pox Populi™ 🦠

  • St. Louis Co. offers new COVID-19 booster to fight Omicron variant – FOX 2
  • St. Louis County health dept. administering omicron-targeted COVID-19 booster – KSDK
  • A Virus That Can Cause Polio-Like Paralysis in Children Has Returned – Gizmodo

Police 🚓

  • Here’s why it took 24 hours to review crucial video leading to the Amber Alert – FOX 2
  • Video of teen’s St. Louis police shooting death will be released ‘in the coming days’ –
  • Judge Blocks ‘No Recording Cops Within 8 Feet’ Law Even Arizona Cops Don’t Want To Defend – Techdirt
  • He Called 911 Because His Car Was Stuck. The Cops Killed Him. – VICE US

DotGov 🏛

  • Pritzker calls up Guard to help care for arriving migrants – FOX 2
  • Pritzker Administration to Distribute $371 Million in COVID-19 Relief Funds to Illinois Small Local Governments – RiverBender
  • Pritzker calls up Illinois National Guard to assist with migrants bused from Texas –
  • Gavin Newsom Signs Hugely Problematic ‘Transparency’ Bill Into Law – Techdirt
  • California Sues Amazon for Antitrust Violations – VICE US
  • Uvalde School District Claims It Can’t Find Messages Former Police Chief Sent in Aftermath of Shooting – VICE US
  • One year on, El Salvador’s Bitcoin experiment has proven a failure – Hacker News

CityGov 🏛

  • BB 81 – Speed Humps Various Locations in the 18th Ward – Board Bills
  • BB 82 – Emergency Vehicle Traffic Signal Preemption System – Board Bills
  • BB 84 – Two-Way Stop site at Neosho Street and Newport Avenue – Board Bills
  • BB 83 – Redevelopment Plan for the 7726-7730 Virginia Ave. Redevelopment Area – Board Bills
  • BB 86 – Elmer M. Otey Baseball and Softball Fields – Board Bills
  • BB 78 – Two-Way Stop site at the Intersection of Macklind Avenue and Neosho Street – Board Bills
  • BB 77 – Prohibiting the use of Alleys by Motor Vehicles in the Kingsway East, Kingsway West, Penrose and Mark Twain Neighborhoods – Board Bills
  • BB 87 – Police Districts – Board Bills
  • BB 80 – Surface Parking Lots – Board Bills
  • BB 85 – Speed Humps Various Locations 14th Ward – Board Bills
  • BB 79 – Speed Humps in the 4900 block of Neosho Street; 4300 block Wilcox Avenue; 4400 block to 4600 block of Wilcox Avenue; and the 4900 block to 4100 block of Alfred Avenue. – Board Bills
  • RFP for Audit Services for FRP – City of St. Louis
  • ‘Deplorable’ St. Louis City Jail Conditions Lead to 6 Deaths in 5 Months – RFT
  • 6 detainee deaths at St. Louis City Justice Center prompt demands for investigation – KSDK
  • Six detainee deaths in St. Louis prompt investigation demand – The Big 550 KTRS
  • Pattern of Sunshine Law Violations in St. Louis City Draws Suit – RFT
  • Cortex residential expansion clears key milestone after Alderwoman Tina Pihl voices opposition – St. Louis Business Journal
  • St. Louis commission endorses tax breaks for Cortex, but aldermanic approval uncertain –
  • Mayor Jones’ Office makes history by establishing the first LGBTQIA + Advisory Board in St. Louis –
  • Mayor Jones wants Hyundai, Kia to get in gear –
  • What do city residents actually care about, politically? – r/StLouis

LocalGov 🏛

  • Madison County To Sell Surplus Of Vehicles – RiverBender
  • Lack of action on Rams settlement is costing millions of dollars, Dome authority says –
  • St. Louis region losing $28K in interest on Rams settlement money every day, board member says – KSDK

MoGov 🏛

  • No agreement on tax cut plan as Missouri lawmakers return for special session – FOX 2
  • Missouri lawmakers start work on proposed tax cuts – FOX 2
  • Special session on taxes taking place in Jefferson City Wednesday – FOX 2
  • Tax rebate checks floated as Missouri lawmakers return to Capitol –
  • Multiple plans emerge as Missouri lawmakers begin governor’s tax cut special session – Missouri Independent
  • This site shows every single Missouri congressperson’s position on legalizing weed. Also helps you register to vote – r/StLouis
  • Missouri Medicaid application backlog ‘no more,’ says social services director –
  • Missouri officials say Medicaid applications are now processed within federal deadline – Missouri Independent

FedGov 🏛

  • Topsoil protection should be stressed in the next farm bill, U.S. House Ag panel told – Missouri Independent
  • Biden Is Helping Fossil Fuel Donors Weaken His Clean Water Rule – The Lever
  • PR work for ‘Big Oil’ helped stymie climate action, U.S. House Democrats say – Missouri Independent
  • USDA more than triples funding for ‘climate smart’ agriculture – Missouri Independent
  • Thousands Still Without Stable Housing in Eastern Kentucky, and FEMA Aid Is Slow to Materialize – Gizmodo
  • CBP Branch Retweets Disgraced, Bigoted Trump Advisor, Gets Account Locked Down By CBP Commissioner – Techdirt
  • 7 felony convictions for man who pinned D.C. cop during Jan 6 riot, faces "decades in jail" – Boing Boing
  • US govt sanctions ten Iranians linked to ransomware attacks – BleepingComputer
  • Suspected counterfeit components found in ejection seat after fatal F-16 crash – Hacker News

Jobs 📄

History 🦕

  • The B-52 was designed in a hotel room over one weekend – Hacker News

Sustainability ♻️

  • Colorado Residents Lose Control Of Their ‘Smart’ Thermostats, Swelter In 88 Degree Heat – Techdirt
  • Samsung vows to produce net zero carbon emissions by 2050 – Engadget
  • World’s first direct air electrolyzer makes hydrogen from humidity – New Atlas

Infrastructure 🚽

  • Potential Railroad Strike Threatens 30% of US Cargo Shipments – The Waterways Journal
  • US on Verge of ‘Economic Disaster’ Because Freight Rail Workers Can’t Get Sick Time – VICE US
  • St. Louis braces for potential national railroad strike – FOX 2
  • Amtrak cancels long-distance routes including stops in St. Louis – KSDK
  • High-speed train network lines in Japan. by maphub_ – Maps on the Web
  • Worldwide Rail Network Map – Hacker News
  • Railroad strike threatens power in coal-dependent states – Grist
  • Rail Workers Authorize Strike That Could Upend Supply Chains – Gizmodo
  • Biden Announces $900 Million to Boost Electric Vehicle Charging – Gizmodo

Ecology 🦤

  • Charmin Tops List of Toilet Papers That Are Destroying Sensitive Forests – Gizmodo
  • Map of Major Physiographic Divisions of the Conterminous United… – Maps on the Web
  • Yvon Chouinard transfers 100% Patagonia ownership to environmental trust – Hacker News

WWwx 🌦

  • Northeast drought endangers Massachusetts’ cranberry harvest – Grist
  • The Chouinard Family Restructures Patagonia to Help Flight Climate Change – The Shape of Everything

WWW99 🕸

  • Legacy News Orgs’ Hatred Of Google Runs So Deep They’re Willing To Give Up Fair Use To Punish Google – Techdirt
  • WordPress Sites Hacked via Zero-Day Vulnerability in WPGateway Plugin – SecurityWeek
  • WordPress-powered sites backdoored after FishPig suffers supply chain attack – The Register
  • Malware Infects Magento-Powered Stores via FishPig Distribution Server – SecurityWeek
  • Memes helped Morbius become a top ten film on Netflix – Boing Boing
  • An Uber Eats Delivery Robot Crashed a Crime Scene – Gizmodo
  • Discord revolutionizes online conversations with… forums – Engadget
  • Zoom is reportedly developing email and calendar apps – Engadget
  • Chinese state hackers create Linux variant for SideWalk backdoor – BleepingComputer
  • TikTok search results are reportedly swarming with misinformation – Engadget
  • Patreon Denies Viral TikTok Accusations That It Hosts Child Sexual Abuse Material – VICE US
  • Child Porn Allegations at Patreon After Security Team Fired – Hacker News
  • Nearly one in two industry pros scaled back open source use over security fears – The Register
  • Google and Meta fined over $70m for privacy violations in Korea – The Register
  • DuckDuckGo, Proton, Mozilla back bill targeting Big Tech ‘surveillance’ – Hacker News
  • YouTube currently testing 5 to 10 UNSKIPPABLE ADS before video starts – Hacker News
  • Amazon Stifles Competitors and Makes Lots of Stuff More Expensive, California Attorney General Alleges – Gizmodo
  • Amazon allegedly punishes sellers who dare offer lower prices on other marketplaces – The Register
  • Twilio more than decimates staff, CEO says it grew too fast – The Register
  • Twilio to lay off 11% of workforce – Hacker News
  • A message from Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson: 11% workforce cut – Hacker News
  • Police Issue Arrest Warrant for Crypto CEO Do Kwon Following Implosion of TerraUSD – Gizmodo

Twitter 🐦

  • Twitter Shareholders Approve Sale Of The Company To Some Dude Who Still Doesn’t Understand He Signed A Binding Contract To Buy It – Techdirt

Space 🚀

  • Sun’s magnetic mystery solved by ESA NASA Solar Orbiter – The Register
  • FAA Grounds Bezos After New Shepard Booster Goes Up in Flames – Gizmodo
  • Orbital Debris Threatens Our Future in Space, so NASA Is Seeking Solutions – Gizmodo
  • This Startup’s Free Software Could Prevent Satellite Collisions – Gizmodo
  • Philippines Space Agency warns flyers, fishing boats, to avoid falling Chinese rockets – The Register


  • It’s here: please welcome Arduino IDE 2.0 – Arduino Blog
  • Arduino IDE 2.0 Goes Gold – Make
  • Unicode 15 Released – Hacker News
  • FLAC 1.4.0 released – added support for 32-bit audio – Hacker News
  • Show HN: StackAid – Fund all your open-source dependencies – Hacker News
  • Notes: Fast note-taking app, open-source, without Electron, built in Qt C++ – Hacker News
  • New do-it-yourself microneedle tattoos are painless, quick and cheap – New Atlas

Captain’s Blog 🏴‍☠️

  • Fred Franzia, creator of "Two Buck Chuck," RIP – Boing Boing
  • Pop-up VW T7 Multivan camper might be ultimate PHEV RV & daily driver – New Atlas
  • Yet more raw data: 2021 income bonanza – Kevin Drum
  • Why Is the Term ‘Gaslighting’ So Popular Now ─ and So Misused? – HowStuffWorks
  • Amazon Is Giving Raises to Delivery Drivers (But Not the Ones Who Protested) – Gizmodo
  • Scientists fire up the most powerful laser in the US – New Atlas
  • Yarbo modular yard robot mows grass, clears snow and blows leaves – New Atlas
  • Red Hat says staff can stay away from the office forever – The Register
  • Known locations of bodies on Mount Everest – Maps on the Web